Thursday, December 10, 2009

A "Poor Mans Black Velvet"

The Poor Mans Black Velvet is one of my favorite beer cocktails. It is a simple mix of a stout beer and a cider beer, as opposed to the actual Black Velvet which is a mix of a stout beer and champagne (picture courtesy of the Greasy Spoon). I don't know what it is about the PMBV that I enjoy so much. Of course, you should definitely like both stout and cider style beers in order to enjoy this one.

The way I enjoy the PMBV is to take a few drinks off the top so that there is room in the glass for a nice big swig. Then, well, I take a big swig! When I drink the PMBV I like to get to the "middle", where the cider beer and the stout begin mixing. The thick, smooth, toasty, nutty, coffee taste that the stout provides first hits your tongue and is then washed down by the crisp, (obviously) fruity, carbonated characteristics of the cider. It is truly a tasty mix actually holds up well over the night, this is something that you can definitely drink all night.