Monday, March 30, 2009

The End of History!

The History of Beer Part 3

The Industrial Revolution

Like most industries, the Industrial Revolution allowed the brewing industry to become mechanized by first bringing exact science to the growing beer industry. The saccharometer and thermometer could now be used to take precise readings and gave the brewers better control over the process. This was good because up until this point some beers were downright undrinkable (unless you were a local or really in need of some suds). Methods of keeping ice during the summertime allowed lagers to be brewed year round instead of only during the winter (since a much lower temperature is needed to brew a lager than an ale). Pasteurization also made it easier to keep beer from spoiling. Eventually, the mechanization of the entire brewing process made the existence of modern brewing giants a reality. Through the improvement of brewing equipment, it also made home, craft and microbrewing much easier, allowing novice brewers to focus more on brewing a good beer as opposed to worrying about simple brewing processes going wrong. So although the Industrial Revolution may have taken some of the craft-feel and personality out of the beer industry, it's entirely possibly that a lot of the beer we like today may not exist or may not even be as good!

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