Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Golden Wheat Finally Tasted!

After being on shelves for a couple months now I finally got a chance to taste the new Bud offering, Bud Light Golden Wheat. This beer is Bud's entry into the spiced beer market. Over the weekend a friend of mine bought a 12 pack and shared it. After putting my bias aside and trying this beer, it's not bad.

I drank it out of a bottle, fairly cold. The mouthfeel was no surprise, smooth and full of carbonation. The smell was decent, mostly spices and citrus with some hops. The taste followed suit, this beer includes coriander so this taste was present, as well as the requisite citrus tones. It reminded me a lot of Shock Top, as well as Pyramid and Widmer hefe's. As far as drinkability goes, I'd give this one a C+. It doesn't really separate itself from the pack but drinking it isn't a problem and it's a beer that will probably fair well at BBQ's and casual get togethers.

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timsagirl said...

Coriander seems like an odd choice for a beer, though I suppose it would work with the citrus flavors.

BTW, thanks for the tip about the brewing at Kelly's! I got a gift certificate for Christmas so my husband and Dad can brew a batch.