Friday, February 27, 2009

Beer Reviews: A Plethora!

Over the weekend I hung out with some friends and a few different beers.
Here are some of the beers we reviewed. After the description of the beer is the brewer, the style of beer, the alcohol content and noted characteristics.

Mother Ship Wit -

A lot of flavor with a medium hoppy after taste, which might not be good for new beer drinkers. All around beer that features a nature-like taste.

New Belgium - Wheat - 4.8% - Orange, Spice

Shiner Bock -

Not as bitter or hoppy as you may think, which makes the after tastes more friendly to new beer drinkers. Medium bodied and resembles a darker amber.

Shiner, Dark Amber, 6.5%, Smooth

Dundee Honey Brown -

Sweet with no bitter after taste. Light bodied-ness is good but unsatisfying for the advanced beer drinkers. Good social beer.

Dundee, Brown Ale, 4.5%, Honey, smooth

Rising Moon (Blue Moon Seasonal)

Very crisp with an exchange of lime flavor for the orange flavor associated with Blue Moon. Gives a clear flavor and makes the beer very drinkable.

Blue Moon, Wheat, 4.5%, Lime, Grass

Rogue Imperial Porter

If you don't like IPA's this beer is for you. Rogue Imperial Porter tastes exactly like an IPA, but with a smoother, bitter flavor. It makes your taste buds dance with joy. It makes you feel almost like you're drinking beef or eating a desert. Some of the taste comes from the resealable clay bottle that it's packaged in. You say $15 is crazy for a beer, I say you have NOT tried a Rogue Imperial Porter.

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Lori said...

wow, the rogue sounds like paradise in a bottle. Great breakdown, did you consider putting some pics of these?