Monday, February 16, 2009

Chapter 1 - Section 1: Lagers' Popularity

Quick Lesson:
American Style Light Lager Dominates US Sales

Lagers are by far the best selling beer in the United States. Since beer sales information by brand is not readily available to the public we have to rely on the those who have access to the data to share it with us. According to The Hook Up, a Lubbock nightlife blog, the top 10 selling beers in the United States, according to Information Resources Inc, are all lagers, and more specifically, are mostly American Style Light Lagers:

1. Bud Light
2. Budweiser
3. Miller Lite
4. Coors Light
5. Corona Extra
6. Natural Light
7. Heineken
8. Michelob Ultra Light
9. Busch Light
10. Miller High Life

American Style Light Lagers are characteristically the cheapest, smoothest (or most watered down) and mildest (or most watered down) beer on the market, which is probably what makes them so popular. While a lot of people wouldn't necessarily stock their fridge full of any of these beers, even more people (including myself) certainly have no problem using these beers for beer pong or serving them at a large party. That got me to wondering ... when do YOU like to enjoy an American Style Light Lager?


Le Samurai said...

Never. There is not good time for an American light lager. Their only upside is that they're cheap and easy to drink, but so is water and that gets you just as drunk as Budwesier. I dig the list.

VSanchez said...

I only drink american lagers when it is a hot day or if I just want a little buzz. However, if I wanted a good tasting beer, I would not choice to drink an American Lager. I was wandering what type of imported beer would you recommend and where in New Mexico can you get this type of beer. I also want to try homemade beer. Do you know of any places that give their customers homemade beer?

Shay Allen said...

Hi, I have a question...are you saying that these are brewed in the US? because heineken is from holland, and i just dont associate it with american lagers. when you buy heineken in the us is it brewed here regardless that it is owned across seas.