Monday, April 6, 2009

No Password Needed!

"Getting into a bar in Utah is about to become a lot easier" - Brock Vergakis - AP

About a month ago Utah lawmakers voted to eliminate one of the more odd and controversial bar laws in the United States. For most of us who havn't been to a bar in Utah this law is unheard of and, frankly, not all that important. But to many who travel through Utah and stop at a bar the law may have come as a complete shock. I'm sure many people thought it was a joke. The 40-year old law required anyone entering a bar to be a member of that specific bar. Membership fees weren't outrageous, and quite affordable if you lived in Utah at $12 for an annual membership, but that's $12 for every bar that you like to go to, just to get in. But to passersby an average of $4 was charged for a temporary membership - at every bar. Think about that! How many bars do you go into on a typical night out? Probably three or more. So as a visitor, you would be paying at least $12 just for the right to walk into three bars. That would be pretty annoying. Utah lawmakers are hoping this will boost tourism a bit and "make Utah seem a little less odd to outsiders". Not a bad place to start, IMO!


Nathan said...

That's funny, I have never heard of such laws. Good example of outdated laws that need to be changed. Cool blog.

samirons said...

Do they still have that lesser alcohol content thing going on? In the eighties everyone would drive out of state to buy case beers because the % was higher than what you could legally buy in Utah.

Jhood21 said...

Rediculous! My roommates was somewhere in Salt Lake (I believe) for his brothers wedding and a 6-pack of Carona was aprx. $17.. INSANE