Monday, April 27, 2009

One of my favorites

New Belgium 1554

By far one of my favorite beers, even though when I go to the store I don't necessarily go straight for it. In fact, this last weekend was the first time I bought a six pack of it, I usually get it in the Folly Pack. When I do get it in the Folly Pack, though, I always save the 1554's for last.

I really like this beer because of the taste (duh), which for me is mainly composed of a roasted coffee flavor with a very subtle chocolate after taste. The beer itself is also pretty easy to drink, when it first hits your tongue you notice the smooth, thin feel and then the taste settles in very nicely, and almost surprisingly. I'm still really trying to grasp the smells of beer, but I would say there was a slight caramel scent to it with the bulk of the smell falling to the roasted nut side. I would probably highly recommend this beer to someone who may just be getting into beer, because of the "drinkability" and taste.

Doing this review got me to thinking, what's your favorite beer? Leave a short review, or even just what you like about the beer, as a comment.

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Jhood21 said...

I must say i enjoy New Belgium, but being that I would be what you call a 'light-weight' I enjoy somewhat 'lighter' beers in flavor and color. Not to say I don't like taking down the occasional Coffee or Chocolate Stout.