Friday, September 11, 2009

The Sam Adams Beer Glass

I actually had no idea this glass existed until a few months ago when my brother received a four glass set for his birthday. My dad, who is not a beer drinker per se, asked a lot of questions about them and seemed to have heard about these specific glasses. But I hadn't! So I went online to Sam Adams and read up. There's actually a really nice article over atReal Beer about the glass. After trying a few different brews out of the glass I have to say that it truly does allow for a different drinking experience. The flavor of the beer is what I feel is really enhanced by the glass. Just last night I had a Sam Adams Summer Ale (one of my favorites) out of one of these glasses and the flavor just exploded. The glasses are a bit pricey at about $25 or $30 per set (last I saw) but may be worth it!

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timsagirl said...

Interesting. I know that different styles of wine glasses affect the way you experience the wine, so I guess it makes sense that the same would be true for beer!