Friday, October 2, 2009

The perfect pour!

All beer drinkers should know how to pour a beer. If you pour it wrong the results are pretty palpable. A bad pour can result in a loss of just about every characteristic in a beer. From experience, a bad pour flattens the beer and seems to .. thin I guess is the word I'm looking for .. the taste. Overall a bad pour basically wastes the beer.

For a while there were some commercials, Bud Light I think, where they said to pour straight down the middle. I tried this and again, it pretty much turned the mouthfeel of the beer into water and whatever taste Bud Light has was lost.

So, without anymore delay, the perfect pour, courtesy of BeerAdvocate!

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timsagirl said...

I was a bartender for a while in L.A., and even though I don't drink beer anymore, I can definitely attest to this point.

Especially with tap beer, if you don't pour down the side of the glass, you end up with a glass full of foam, and when it settles, the carbonation is gone.

It always makes me laugh when they show those beer commercials where the beer splashes down into the bottom of an upright glass...